Hi, I’m steven, or as you know me, slimmy45, now, this is my account where i make crappy artwork on MS paint, and make audio on a mario paint composer, but i hope you enjoy my work!
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Posted by slimmy45 - 23 hours ago

“He who is tired of weird al is tired of life”

-homer simpson


Posted by slimmy45 - 1 day ago

So I saw a news post by @Asskick247 that was asking what was the meaning of your username so now that made me wonder, what are the meanings of your usernames?

Posted by slimmy45 - 4 days ago

So I thought the bad stuff was over, but no, we lost a great YouTuber. Now, I don’t watch the dream SMP but I do know who technoblade is, and some of you may know as well, but, he has sadly passed away to stage four cancer, all I can say is that we lost a legend.


Posted by slimmy45 - 4 days ago

Hey everyone, so, if you haven’t seen it already @Graytubby made a news post exposing a user named Croude, saying that they are homophobic, along with providing all the proof, and I just want to say that this is not right, i understand that religion is a thing, but that doesn’t mean you have to manipulate people to change themselves, it’s like being in a cult for gods sake! This is really all I have to say about it, I just wanted to give an explanation on something that happened.


Posted by slimmy45 - 4 days ago

Alright everyone, for the people making art for crappy stickman day, I suggest you get started we only have 20 more days,

now it might seem like a while, but I’m gonna be looking at the art soon, so it would be best if people started soon.

Posted by slimmy45 - 6 days ago

It’s not common that you see me talk about stuff that’s been going on, but I’m just gonna say a couple of things that are happening in my life. So first of all I’ve hardly gotten sleep, so i’ve been tired every day, and I’m afraid to go back to school because almost everyone there hates me, and overall i’ve just been feeling like crap.


Posted by slimmy45 - 7 days ago

We are approaching closer and closer to crappy stickman day, on the day i will choose the drawings that i think are the best, be prepared, my friends.

Posted by slimmy45 - 11 days ago

Ok, I was playing gartic phone and my sentence was me being gay, so when it was showing the different drawings people made, someone made this.


Posted by slimmy45 - 11 days ago

alright guys i'm gonna play gartic phone, anyone who wants to play can join through the link:

here is the game link

Posted by slimmy45 - 13 days ago

Dear @TomFulp, what do you think of the crappy art in newgrounds, like my art, do you think they belong on the site or no?